Spa & salon Catalina offers signature manicures and spa pedicures with the best range of nail polish colour trends.


Nail treatments


Our professional nail technicians will help you stay looking polished from head to toe as we transform your hands and feet with luxury services such as:


• Manicure – changing the appearance of the nail to enhance the look of the hands with a range of options to choose from such as painted nails, a natural look, unpolished nails or just a simple French manicure.


• Pedicure – is the care of the feet, legs and toenails, improving the overall appearance on your feet and nails.


We provide an exquisite waxing range for both men and women in our serene private treatment rooms to suit your relaxation.


Body Waxing – waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair right from the root. Known waxing treatments include, eyebrow, lip waxing, underarm, half or full arm, back, Brazilian wax, Hollywood, bikini, and half or full leg.


Electrolysis is the practice of electrical depilation to permanently remove the unwanted hair from face and body.

Spa & Salon Catalina is a place where clients feel important and appreciated, as we ensure the treatment or service they have requested will be carried out within the expected time and resulting in an exquisite finish.


• Hair treatments – This exclusive formula not only softens hair, but also nourishes the hair follicle thereby preventing hair loss, keeping the hair fresh and shiny, and leaving your hair smoother and vibrant.


• Keratin treatment – Our Keratin treatment smooths coarse and curly hair that resists styling which is especially helpful for hair that looks dry and unruly as this treatment replenishes and conditions the hair without damage. Keratin results are visible immediately after the treatment is completed, allowing your hair to look shiny, youthful, and healthy straight away.


• Hairstyling – Designed for long, short, curly, or straight hair, we ensure that the finished result gives an overall look that is as balanced as possible and which can also be used for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. Our specialised and skilled staff always make sure that you achieve your desired look.


• Haircuts – We can advise you on all different lengths and styles, if you are looking for a short or cropped style, a one layered bob, or long locks with volume, our expert cutting team will be able to offer you a style to suit your lifestyle and face shape. All haircuts are tailored and personalised to suit our clients, whether you want to go for a natural look or a glam glittering style you will be able to explain what you want during a brief consultation in advance.


• Hair colouring – Colour saturation is a substance that changes colour used as a coating to protect or decorate the hair giving a visual aspect ranging from a fashionable colour to simple grey hair cover. We offer all our clients a free consultation, if you have decided on a colour change and are looking for expert advice, we will guide you along the way. There are different types of hair colouring services such as:


• Semi-permanent colour – a temporary colour of rich tones giving you dimensional colour that doesn’t contain ammonia and washes out over a period of time.


• Permanent colour – a permanent hair colour causing the hair to be lightened giving you glossy hair colour and 100% coverage on resistance and stubborn grey hair.


• Highlights – to create natural looking highlights that are subtle and striking.


• Perms – either a traditional perm or a designer perm involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bond of the hair, creating perfect defined curls. Depending on the size and shape of the rollers, firmer or looser curls can be achieved suited to fashion or classic hairstyles.

The beauty related services that we offer enrich our client’s physical appearance, beauty, and mental relaxation.

Having a brief treatment consultation allows the client to be familiar with the products used, as well as the techniques and procedure.

Eye treatments


Our professional beauty therapists offer a range of eye treatments such as:


• Eyebrow shaping – can appear to lift a face and often give you a more youthful look.


• Eyebrow tint – helps to define the brows and helps frame the eye.


• Eyelash tint – creates dark lashes giving them a fuller and longer look.


• Eyelash extensions – often done to enhance the final look of make-up.


Facial treatments


These services can benefit most skin types in healing and stimulation for poor circulation as a result in warmth and relaxation in the skin tissues.




Massages offered in our salon are:


• Aromatherapy massages - for relaxation and clarity of mind using the scents of plants and their parts for therapeutic use.


• Body stress release – to help relieve discomfort and also release tension and ease stress.

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